Corbyn is ‘very sorry’ for antisemitism row but insists he has ‘dealt with it’

Jeremy Corbyn has apologised for the row over antisemitism that has engulfed the Labour Party but insisted he had “dealt with it.”

The Labour leader was asked at least three times by ITV host Phillip Schofield to apologise to the community and challenged on Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis’ claim a “new poison sanctioned from the top has taken root in the Labour Party.”

“Our party and me do not accept antisemitism in any form,” Corbyn told This Morning on Tuesday. “Obviously, I am very sorry for everything that’s happened but I want to make this clear, I am dealing with it. I have dealt with it.”

“Candidates have been withdrawn by the Liberal Democrats, and the Conservatives and by us because of it. We just do not accept it in any form whatsoever,” he added.

Corbyn faced mounting criticism for refusing to apologise over antisemitism in the party four times during an interview with the BBC’s veteran journalist Andrew Neil last week.


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