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27 films youll never believe won an Oscar, from Pearl Harbor to Suicide Squad

The Oscars were undoubtedly designed with the best intentions.

Sadly, over the years, the ceremony has awarded films whose director, stars and producers have mustered up the energy to campaign over those who genuinely deserve awards.

Despite this, the films that usually win the main trophies are films you would expect to receive Oscar nominations.

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Scanning your eyes over the list of past winners does offer some surprises, though – mainly lower down the list in the technical, make up and costume sector.

These are the categories where films you would never expect to win creep up and snatch the main prize – and, with the 2020 ceremony happening this weekend, we have looked at the best examples.

Click through the below gallery to see what made the list

The Oscars take place on 9 February and you can watch the ceremony through the night in the UK on NOW TV.

Find a list of films brilliant films that never received a single Oscar nomination here.

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