YouTube’s Android TV app tweaks UI w/ darker background, thumbnail borders

Like it does on smartphones, YouTube seems to constant want to tinker with its interface on TVs. Now, we’ve noticed a tweak to YouTube’s Android TV app that gives it a darker background and adjusts thumbnails, too.

We’re not completely sure how widely this new UI is rolling out — sound off in the comments if you’re seeing it — but with a server-side change to YouTube’s Android TV app we’re seeing these slight tweaks. The most obvious tweak comes in the form of the thumbnails for videos.

Not only are highlighted video thumbnails more rounded off, but they have a much more obvious white border around them. Visually, this is a much better look for the app that makes it easier to use.

Those new borders are also helped by a darker background to the YouTube app on Android TV. It’s still not pure black, but the gray background has gotten a fair bit darker with this quiet update. Personally, I like it a lot, as icons and text stand out more on the screen. You can see the different side-by-side below.


Before (top left) and After (top right, bottom)

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