6 Design Companies Working Towards a Sustainable Future – From Ambiente 2020

Paid press trip: 
A few weeks ago I was invited to visit 
Ambiente – the leading international consumer goods fair in Frankfurt. It’s a huge, awe-inspiring fair with such a vast diversity of items that I barely scratched the surface. Even so, it was exciting to discover the latest news and trends from the home decorating world. A couple of factors really shone through – the first was the increase in handmade, artisanal items – which you can read more about
here. The second, was how the design world is tackling sustainability – whether in the form of upcycling, recycling or offering entirely new solutions altogether. Here are six companies that stood out:

1. 3DCORK: Based in Alentejo, South of Portugal,
3DCORK produces contemporary cork items which are 100% natural, biodegradable, recyclable and ecological. The collection is a story of love for land and nature – as well as the home!  

2. LPJ Studios: This Bavarian upcycling company founded by renowned designer Hedwig Bouley recycles leftovers from the fashion industry to create fabulous, avant-garde pieces such as handmade rugs, blankets and dog baskets. A part of this rug for example is made from an old sweater! The entire production chain is fair, local and C02 neutral. 

3. OOhh Collection by Lübech Living: Made from 100% recycled materials (primarily paper as well as eco-felt – a fabric made from recycled plastic bags and plastic bottles) the
OOhh Collection is the result of a Danish design combined with a Fair Trade project in Sri Lanka. Look out for beautiful pots, vases containers, seasonal decorations and office accessories! 

4. Carpenter Brother & Sister: founded in 2005 in Taiwan, Carpenter Brother & Sister focuses on bringing creative woodwork to the home. The company only works with FSC-certified, sustainable forestry centres to achieve their goal of being an eco-friendly supply chain and create beautiful pieces that benefit both society and nature. 

Reisenthel: For over 40 years,
Reisenthel bags and carrypacks have stood for modern, innovative design. This year marked the launch of a funky neon yellow and blue collection aimed at kids and made from recycled pet bottles. 

6. retap: Danish hydration company
retap offers reusable bottles, carafes and water glasses especially designed for tap water, offering us an inexpensive and eco-friendly way to stay hydrated. The colours are nice too! 

I also spotted countless other brands both big and small, working towards a more sustainable future which was very encouraging. I can’t wait to see what’s happening at Ambiente 2021! In the meantime, hop on over to the
Ambiente blog today where I’ve written a feature about some of the beautiful handmade pieces I spotted at the fair.


This article is written as part of a paid press trip to Ambiente 2020. However, all words and pictures are my own. 

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