FOX News Rundown Extra: Charles Payne on the Economic Impact of the Coronavirus

President Trump signed an $8.3 billion bipartisan spending bill on Friday to help fight the coronavirus outbreak.

Earlier this week, Charles Payne host of “Making Money with Charles Payne” on FOX Business joined the FOX News Rundown to talk about the global economic impact of the coronavirus.

Payne discusses, with host Lisa Brady, how the coronavirus is affecting businesses, the travel industry and stocks. He explains why he thinks the illness will be short term economic hit to the U.S. and what it’s like reporting on the illness without causing a mass hysteria both economically and medically.

Payne also talks about his book “Unstoppable Prosperity.” He tells us why he wrote the book and why he thinks it is helpful for anyone who is interested in investing the stock market, but may be nervous to do it.

You’ll hear all of this and more from Fox Business anchor Charles Payne on The Fox News Rundown Extra.


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