The Morning After: Sonys PlayStation 2 turns 20

The coronavirus outbreak may hurt supplies for weeks.Apple reportedly warns stores of iPhone replacement shortages

Apple has briefed retail staff that replacement phones will be in short supply, due to the effects of the coronavirus. This could last between two and four weeks. So what if your iPhone no-worky? Geniuses will be able to offer short-term iPhone loans — but these won’t be new replacement devices.

Samsung needed space for that zoom camera setup.Galaxy S20 Ultra teardown shows what’s inside that giant camera bump

If you’ve wondered exactly what is inside that bulging camera lump on Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra, the teardown pros at iFixit are in the best position to show you. The 108-megapixel primary camera by itself is huge — the sensor covers twice the surface area of the 12-megapixel unit in the iPhone 11 series. The periscope-like zoom camera, meanwhile, needs a lot of space for its unusual lateral design, including optical image stabilization just for the prism. Check it all out, including a video, right here.

If you need one so you can play ‘Half-Life: Alyx,’ here’s your chance.Valve will sell more Index VR headsets on March 9th

The first new Half-Life game in years launches March 23rd, and it’s built as a virtual reality showcase. However, as if the expensive headsets weren’t hard enough to get, the coronavirus outbreak has affected production, and Valve says it will have fewer Index headsets to sell than expected.

They’ve been sold out for months, but the stock that is available will go on sale March 9th at 1 PM ET. A full setup will cost around $1,000 (on top of a well-equipped PC), but cheaper options like the Oculus Rift S can work in a pinch.

Google accused him of breaching legal obligations by forming a Waymo rival.Ex-Waymo engineer Levandowski ordered to pay Google $179 million

A court has ordered Anthony Levandowski — once a pioneer of Google’s self-driving projects — to pay the tech giant $179 million to end a contract dispute. Their relationship turned sour after Levandowski left Google, and the company accused him of poaching talent and stealing trade secrets to start a new venture.

Levandowski’s new company was later acquired by Uber, igniting a court battle between the two corporations. Google accused the ride-hailing titan of colluding with him to steal secrets from Waymo before he left. This particular case, however, only addresses Google’s contract dispute complaint with the engineer.

Levandowski has filed for bankruptcy to be able to negotiate these debts, telling the court he only has $50 million to $100 million in estimated assets — the struggle is real. This isn’t enough to pay off between $100 million and $500 million in liabilities, however.

Because coronavirus.Tesla is using older hardware in Chinese Model 3 cars because of supply issues

It’s not just replacement iPhones. Supply constraints have forced Tesla to install its older chipset in Tesla Model 3s made in China. Those new car owners are missing out: the new chip is up to 21 times faster at processing images; it’s a chip that Tesla built from the ground up to handle autonomous driving tasks. Tesla has subsequently apologized for the decision and said it will offer free upgrades to affected Model 3 owners once supplies free up.

Embedded synthetic fibers let it fracture without breaking entirely.Scientists create bendable concrete that could better withstand earthquakes

Instead of traditional Portland cement, this new concrete incorporates fly ash, which is a byproduct of burning coal for power. According to Dr. Behzad Nematollahi, one of the researchers who developed the material, it’s 400 times more bendable than regular concrete, making it ideal for use in places where earthquakes are frequent. Click here to see some flexible concrete action.

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