The Morning After: BMW will end production of the i8 soon

Cross-platform play from day one is impressive.‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ is a serious contender to Fortnite’s throne

Now that Call of Duty Modern Warfare has a free-to-play battle royale add-on, is it really ready to compete with the champs of the genre? According to Matt Brian, yes.

With innovative tweaks on the formula like its “Gulag” 1v1 challenges, bounties on enemy players and an in-game money system that encourages you to hunt for kills, Warzone already has its own flair. Unsurprisingly, it’s already counted six million players in the first 24 hours, and it looks like that number will continue to grow.

It showed a sports car could be powerful and sustainable.BMW will discontinue its iconic i8 hybrid in April

BMW has sold more than 20,000 i8s since 2014 — no mean feat considering the $147,500 starting price. The company says that the model outsold all competitors in its class, combined. That said, the i8 is getting long in the tooth.

Its core technology is outdated and the company is transitioning to newer designs like the all-electric i4. So after six years of success, the BMW factory in Leipzig, Germany, will halt production of the company’s best-selling sports car in April.

Yahoo is getting in on the mobile business.Yahoo launches its own unlimited data plan for $40 a month

Alongside Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Finance and all the other random things that Yahoo has attached its name to, say hello to Yahoo Mobile. It’s a new mobile carrier that will tout unlimited texts, calls and 4G data, all for the flat fee of $40 a month. The service uses Verizon’s network — Verizon is the parent company of both Yahoo and Engadget — and comes with the requisite “unlimited” caveats when it comes to usage. Regular download speeds will range between 5-12 Mbps, with upload speeds of around 2-5 Mbps, with slower speeds when carrier traffic is particularly congested. You will be able to tether, which is good news, but that’s limited to one device, and download speeds of 5Mbps.

First up, Newark Airport.Amazon’s checkout-free store tech is coming to airports stores this month

One of the first stores in the US to feature Amazon’s Just Walk Out checkout-free technology will open on March 16th, merely a week after the company announced it was licensing the platform to retailers.

The experience is slightly different from Amazon’s own stores because you don’t need to install the Amazon Go app on your phone before entering. Instead, you insert a credit card into one of the gated turnstiles at the front. Once you’re inside, you can go shopping as you usually would. Once you’re ready to leave, that’s it: you simply leave. The system automatically bills your card as you exit.

The first store will be the CIBO Express Gourmet Market, at Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal C, with more locations to follow.

The movie’s streaming premiere will happen on April 24th.Apple TV+ posts a full trailer for ‘Beastie Boys Story’

With SXSW 2020 canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, Apple is hyping its upcoming Beastie Boys documentary with a nearly three-minute trailer posted on YouTube. The trailer gives some insight into what its “live documentary experience” is like, with Mike D and Ad-Rock telling their stories on a stage in front of pictures and videos of the group’s heyday.

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