Tanzania: Magufuli Irked By Leaders Laxity

PRESIDENT John Magufuli has implored government leaders at all levels to act responsibly and address burning issues facing Tanzanians swiftly, instead of waiting for intervention from security organs.

Likewise, Dr Magufuli heaped praises on the Controller and Auditor General (CAG), Mr Charles Kichere and the Director General of the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), Brigadier General John Mbungo, for the good job they have done in their respective offices.

The President made the remarks yesterday at the Chamwino State House in Dodoma shortly after he received the Annual Audit Report from CAG and the PCCB report for the year 2018/19.

He said all leaders should work effectively in the interest of the public, provided that they have all the needed resources.

“The report from PCCB indicates that the agency managed to recover 8bn/- that was stolen by a few individuals from cooperative unions, but thank God we have all government leaders with all the resources. My call is that every leader should play their roles effectively, I’m commending PCCB for a job well done,” he said at the event that was broadcasted live.

Receiving the CAG report, President Magufuli said the government will go through it and deliver it to parliament for further procedures as required by the law.

Equally, he said the government will continue to take appropriate action from the recommendations, and instructed all government leaders whose dockets have been mentioned in the reports to respond accordingly.

Dr Magufuli asked the police force to tighten loopholes that led to the paying of 193.13 m/- to eleven officers who have died, retired or sacked from service, contrary to the Public Services Regulations of 2001.

Presenting the report, Mr Kichere said among public offices that have received qualified audit reports include Tanzania’s Embassy in Ethiopia over misappropriation of funds.

In his response, President Magufuli said he has already recalled Tanzania’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ms Naimi Aziz.

“Due to that, I have called her back home and she is no longer our diplomat there, this should be a lesson to other Ambassadors abroad, so that they should not think that we are not serious on this matter,” he said.

He was also in favour of the decision by the CAG to start auditing public institutions, saying the move has come at the right time and it will help the government save a lot of money that would have been spent on paying private auditors.

In 2018/19, the CAG audited ten institutions and saved 1.4bn/- that was to be paid to private auditors.

“The decision is perfect… It’s a true patriotism, how many institutions do we have in the country? And what if all of them are to be audited by private firms? A lot of money would have gone for sure. I’m so impressed by this decision,” said the head of state.

He also gave permission to employ 25 professionals of different cadres as requested by the CAG in order to improve capacity of the audit team.

In another development, President Magufuli said the government will continue to hold key meetings, and that the threat of coronavirus won’t change anything.

According to him, there are official meetings and activities such as parliament meetings, general elections and other key programmes that can’t be postponed because of the COVID-19.

“General elections will be held as scheduled, we shall not postpone it… some of these activities can’t be postponed, as you can see, even in the most affected countries they are still holding parliamentary sessions as usual,” said the President.

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