America Together: Uplifting images

I wanted to share in the hope it inspires others that are in the same boat. And maybe to bring a smile 🙂 My daughter Grayson is a high school senior. Her school’s prom was canceled, as [have been] so many of her other school, church, etc. activities. We all more than understand the why behind the cancellations, but the disappointment is still there. Knowing there is only so much within our control (our attitude being one of those things), we decided very last minute to throw our own “Prom on the Porch” for her. She’s taken all the cancellations in stride, and we just wanted to do a little something special for her. We used what we had around the house to decorate the porch, and a friend let us use some stars she had and cut some letters with her Cricut, and voila! Her siblings were there (one of which is home from college early because of the virus), my husband and I, and a cousin and uncle who are at our house frequently. Family only — seven people total outside the whole time. It wasn’t the prom with her friends she thought she’d have, but she had SO👏 MUCH 👏 FUN👏! We all did! The kids dressed up, we cranked up a speaker, and spent 2 or 3 hours on our porch. Not surprisingly, my senior won prom queen! ❤️😄 Lemonade outta lemons 🙂 So this spring may not be going according to plan, but we try to adapt and celebrate our seniors the best we can.

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