AOC Asks Why Laura Ingraham is On TV After Fox News Host Mocks Her Job in Service Industry

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) fired back at Fox News prime time host Laura Ingraham for mocking her job as a bartender before she was elected to Congress.

The Fox News host kicked off the back and forth by mocking Ocasio-Cortez’s service job in response to a tweet the congresswoman posted on coronavirus hurting black and brown communities.

“The Doctor of Mixology will save us!” Ingraham snarked.

Ocasio-Cortez responded by pointing out Ingraham’s recent run in with Twitter’s coronavirus misinformation regulations.

“Didn’t you just put a doctor on your show who faked their employment at Lenox Hill hospital and touted a COVID “treatment” that you tweeted & Twitter had to remove because a man may have died trying self-administer it?” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted.

“I’m sorry, why are you on TV again?” the congresswoman added.

Mediaite first reported this past Monday that Twitter took action against Ingraham’s account, requiring her to delete a tweet which had linked to a Fox News story  bearing a correction.

Ingraham, on March 19th, touted the drug hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus drug, basing the claim off commentary from a doctor who appeared on her program. It turned out the doctor did not work for a New York hospital as claimed.

The tweet violated Twitter’s “misleading information policy under Heightened-risk health claims,” a Twitter spokesperson told Mediaite, adding the tweet has been “taken down.”

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