Africa: Artistes Take on the Pandemic With Song, Dance

Musicians across Africa have released songs to raise awareness in the public on the Covid-19 pandemic.

The message is stay safe by observing personal hygiene through washing hands frequently with soap, or use hand sanitisers; keep recommended social distance; isolate or go into quarantine.

The Ndlovu Youth Choir from South Africa in their Zulu song titled “We’ve Got this – Fight against Coronavirus/Covid-19” advice fans on the virus. The music video with English subtitles, advises the people not to panic.

“Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Don’t go to the doctor, just call. Don’t panic, we will beat corona. Don’t spread rumours,” the song goes in part.

“There are already many dangerous myths and misunderstandings about the Coronavirus/COVID-19. We would like to assist by sharing a short video where we explain some basic guidelines,” the Ndlovu Youth Choir said in a Tweet about the video.

Prolific Congolese soukous singer-songwriter, dancer and producer Koffi Olomide released Coronavirus Assassin. Singing in Lingala and French, he advises people to stay indoors.

Musician-turned-politician, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine joined hands with fellow Ugandan artiste Nubian Li to belt out one titled Corona Virus.

“The bad news is that everyone is a potential victim,” Bobi sings. “But the good news is that everyone is a potential solution.”

Stop kissing!

In their rap song Fagaru Ci Coronavirus (Shield against Coronavirus) Senegalese, hip-hop group Y’en a Marre call on the public to wash hands, discard used tissues and avoid crowds.

Congolese star Fally Ipupa has produced a one-minute musical video recorded on his smart phone. He sings in Lingala and French while plucking the guitar, warning the public against kissing on the cheeks. He urges them to stay at home and follow WHO recommendations in the song “Mode Confinement.”

Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has teamed up with fellow Ugandan musicians A Pass, John Blaq, Fik Fameica, Vinka, Paper Daddy, Azawie, Fresh Daddy and Fresh Kid to produce “Corona Distance.”

While releasing “Corona Distance” Bebe Cool, said: “I would like to thank all the artistes who have participated in this chapter because they did this without any payment and would like to encourage you to also dedicate your platforms to educate our followers more about coronavirus and follow the directives of the president and the Ministry of Health.”

“Look out for chapter two featuring more big Ugandan stars from different districts/regions doing it in different languages,” Bebe Cool added.

Accompanied by the band called The Rabbis, the Liberian international footballer-turned-president George Weah released a song “Let’s Stand Together and Fight Coronavirus,” in which he explains how the virus is spread and its dangers.

Nigerian singer Bukola Elemide aka Asa shared a video on her Instagram page, urging people to wash their hands and sneeze into their elbows.

Accompanied by his fellow African band members, a Ghanaian doctor studying in China, Dr Percy Akuetteh, produced a song in Mandarin elaborating on the symptoms and how coronavirus is spread. Akuetteh, a PhD student at Wenzhou Medical University, urges the world to continue fighting until the disease is conquered.

“I heard of this new coronavirus spreading at the speed of light. Breathing in this virus will give you pneumonia for free, maybe no obvious symptoms for 14 days.

The next step is high body temperature, sneezing, sore throat, difficulty in breathing,” Akuetteh sings.

Singing and dancing in a musical video, the South African Zion Christian Church members released a song “Coronavirus, e feditse setshaba” (Coronavirus has killed many people).

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