Switch News: Nintendo releases Firmware 10.0.0 which is already hacked thanks to Atmosphère 0.11 – FW 10.0.0 brings a button remapping feature, lets you transfer software between NAND and SD Card & more!

Larger updates for the Switch occur every few months with the rest of firmware updates being bug/security fixes but thankfully, this time we have the former with Firmware 10.0.0 as it brings some noteworthy features of its own. Other than that, Atmosphere 0.11 has been released bringing support for the new firmware in under 24 hours!

Nintendo releases Switch Firmware 10.0.0 with a decent arsenal of features including button remapping

3 years since its release, the Switch is still receiving meaningful updates and on Monday/Tuesday, Nintendo released Firmware 10.0.0 for the console thus bringing its firmware version number into the double digits. Unlike updates we’ve seen over the last few months like FW 9.1.0 and 9.2.0, Firmware 10.0.0 brings more than just a few under-the-hood improvements with a pretty beefy change log which can be viewed on Nintendo’s website.

Yet another Switch update has dropped but this time, it actually brings some useful features like button remapping and the ability to move software between internal storage and the microSD card!

Among the stuff that Firmware 10.0.0 brings along, we find:

  • The ability to remap controller buttons together with the ability to save custom configurations

    • As of right now, only the following controllers are supported:

      • Joy-Cons
      • The Switch Pro Controller
      • The Switch Lite’s integrated controls
    • Up to 5 different configurations can be saved thus making your life easier in games with not-so-great control schemes!
  • A feature allowing you to transfer software data between the NAND [internal storage or system memory] and SD Card (and vice versa)

    • This includes downloadable software, update data and DLC
    • It’s important to state that save data and some update data can’t be transferred to your microSD card
  • There are 6 new Animal Crossing: New Horizons profile pictures to choose from
  • Bookmarking news items in the ‘News’ app is now possible together with an added section called ‘Play Activity Settings’ in the Settings app which contains options for ‘Display play activity to:’ and ‘Delete Play Activity’
  • According to hexkyz, Firmware 10.0.0 also adds initial support for a new Switch model (nx-abcd or Calcio as per SciresM) which may sport a secondary display!

Switch Firmware 10.0.0 already hacked with the release of Atmosphère thanks to work by coronavirus-stricken SciresM

June 15th is exactly two months away but SciresM is already wishing us a ‘Happy June 15th’ as is customary with the release of a new version of Atmosphere.

Obviously, it’s June 15th again and SciresM managed to update Atmosphere with FW 10.0.0 pretty quickly despite him being ill with COVID-19 (Tweet)

For those who are unaware, Atmosphere is one of the most popular CFWs for the Swtich which is currently installable on fusee-gelee vulnerable models and ipatched units running FW 4.1.0 but ipatched, mariko and Switch Lite consoles should soon be able to use it with Team Xecuter’s SX Core & SX Lite.

Going back to the subject of Firmware 10.0.0, SciresM dropped Atmosphere 0.11.0 less than 24 hours after Nintendo released their update despite being ill with the COVID-19 which comes to show the level of dedication of some scene members. As per the change logs for Atmosphere 0.11.0 and 0.11.1 (released earlier today), which contain more than just FW 10.0.0 support, these updates bring along:

  • Obviously, support for Firmware 10.0.0 was added (0.11.0)

    • This required some changes to Exosphere, the implementation of physical ASLR for the kernel’s backing pages, Creport using the ‘pgl’ service for process termination and updates to Loader, NCM and PM
  • A re-implemented version of the ‘erpt’ sysmodule was introduced (0.11.0)

    • Through this module, error reports are now saved to the SD Card rather than the system save game
    • This re-implemented module also eliminates the possibility of undesirable telemetry if an error happens in Atmosphere but then you go online in OFW (i.e. no CFW mode)
    • A major thing that this re-implemented module brings along is that the native error applet can now be used to display errors that occur while using homebrew sans the possibility of unwanted telemetry back to Nintendo which may lead to a ban
  • libstratosphere and libvapours saw some improvements including the implementation of Nintendo’s allocators which allow for better memory efficiency (0.11.0)
  • Inaccuracies in Exosphere and a fix to an issue that caused games to crash at random on FW 10.0.0 (0.11.1)
  • Other more technical stuff in the commit history

To grab Atmosphere 0.11.1 and see the full change log, you may follow this link to its GitHub Release Page.


Other than Atmosphere being updated for FW 10.0.0, CTCaer has also released hekate – CT Cear Mod 5.1.4 & Nyx 0.8.7 with support for the new firmware. On the PSVita front, some noteworthy work by Xerpi & TheFlow has been going on as the PSP’s CPU (MIPS architecture) found inside the PSVita can now be used in native (ARM) homebrew which could bring about some interesting developments on the PS1, PS2 and Nintendo 64 emulation fronts!

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