Google Photos might soon add a very useful editing feature

The next update for Google Photo is likely to include a small but important new feature that’s just been discovered by
Jane Wong, the reverse engineer who likes mingling with apps to find unreleased features.

Jane’s most recent findings indicate that Google plans to add a new option in Photos, which will allow users to remove the audio from videos. It’s a pretty nifty feature that will let
Google Photos users share their videos without audio if the need arises.

The new feature has been found in the Android version of Google Photos, but it’s unlikely that it will be limited to just this app. The ability to remove audio from videos will be the first complex feature related to video editing that Google Photos will offer.

At the moment, the app has a handful of video editing tools that only provide basic options for users. The news about the ability to remove audio from videos doesn’t come with a release timeframe, so we’ll just have to wait for Google to finish its development.

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