Need permission to shop? Govt now sorry for pink-wristband demand


Officials in one Montana county are apologizing and withdrawing a demand that shoppers have and wear a pink wristband after their health department imposed that extreme requirement during the recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

The order had come from officials in the Valley County Health Department in Glasgow.

“Did you see a pink wrist band in Valley County? What does it mean?” a flier from the department poses.

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It tells store owners those with a “PINK wristband” have been through a 14-day self-quarantine and are allowed to enter businesses to shop.

Those without the band must “use curbside delivery only. They are not to enter your business to shop,” the department warned.

And if such shoppers don’t cooperate?

“Here is an example of what to say if you the person (sic) refuses to cooperate. ‘You are violating our governor’s and Valley County’s Health Officer’s orders. I am happy to shop for you with curbside delivery. I will get the items for your and bring them to your car. If you don’t cooperate, you will force me to call law enforcement.”

A report in the Montana Daily Gazette linked to Facebook, where the following image was found:

The news report pointed out that the idea has been tried before, when Jews were required to wear a yellow star on their clothes in the buildup to World War II. Also, China currently demands coronavirus patients wear wristbands, the report said.

Just a day later, the report was updated, with an apology from the Valley County Commissioners.

The newspaper revealed they stated, “The Valley County Commissioners would like to apologize, and issue clarification, regarding the current health orders and obligations that apply to visitors from outside Valley County.

“In response to significant public concern regarding out of county contractors who are present in our communities for essential work purposes, one of the companies partnered with the County Health Officer to wear pink wrist bands following their 14-day quarantine. This was implemented to help alleviate community concerns about the potential spread of COVID-19. These bands are not government issued and are not a part of any of the current health orders in place. Rather, they are a good faith effort by these contractors to try to put the community at ease.

“In a break-down of our internal processes, a flier went out to local business owners seemingly indicating such wrist bands are required for out of county individuals, and that local business owners were obligated to report violations of the health orders. That is not the intent of Valley County, and that flier has been rescinded.

“We apologize, again, for any confusion this has caused. We are addressing our internal processes, and want to thank all community members for continuing to work with us during this unprecedented time.”

It was signed Paul Tweten, John Fahlgran and Mary Armstrong.

The news report originally characterized the health department’s demands as “one of the most over-the-top and draconian responses to coronavirus yet seen…”

A comment at the Gateway Pundit noted, “We thought this was a spoof. It’s not.”


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