Call for Practicing Guidelines On COVID-19

Massawa — The Municipality of the port city of Massawa took punitive measures on traders that made unreasonable price increase on consumer goods in violation of the guidelines issues in line with the effort to contain the spread of corona virus.

According to Mr. Tewolde Tesfazghi, managing director of Massawa administration indicated that 104 retailers of vegetables and fruits as well as consumer goods and other trade activities have been fined over 250 thousand Nakfa.

Mr. Tewolde also called on nationals that are engaged in various types of business to strictly adhere to the regulations that are being issued in connection with COVID-19 and play due part in the effort to contain the spread.

In related news, the residents of the port city of Massawa as part of the effort to fight the corona virus contributed over 153 thousand Nakfa, owners of buses and mini-buses in Massawa 19 thousand Nakfa and Haben driving school 5 thousand Nakfa.

Similarly, Tiwalet cooperative association in Massawa, extended material support to 34 disadvantaged citizens in their area while Mr. Michel Yakob, a national residing in Sweden, decided that the three families that have rented his house in Massawa to live free of rental payment for two months.

Various associations, enterprises, villages as well as government employees in the Northern Red Sea region have so far contributed over 1 million Nakfa to augment the National Fund to fight COVID-19.

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