More Contribution to Bolster National Fund

Asmara — Contribution by nationals inside the country and in Diaspora to bolster the National Fund to fight the COVID-19 pandemic is adding momentum.

According to report from the Ministry of Health, Gogni sub-zone contributed 69 thousand and 979 Nakfa, Hashakito and Toker water distribution 50 thousand Nakfa, Waniney vocational training 25 thousand Nakfa, Massawa administration 33 thousand Nakfa and Mesgel administrative area 10 thousand and 500 Nakfa.

In the same vein, Akria sub-zone contributed 23 thousand and 400 Nakfa, ‘Tabot Meskel’ cooperative association in Adi-Yans 10 thousand Nakfa, Sembel new residential houses association 10 thousand Nakfa, Siye recreation center 5 thousand Nakfa, Freselam private enterprise 5 thousand Nakfa, Zerai Haile poultry 3 thousand Nakfa, iodized salt retail shop 5 thousand Nakfa and ‘Aba Kiros’ association in Hazhaz 2 thousand Nakfa.

Similarly, a number of nationals contributed a total of 320 thousand Nakfa.

In related news, members of the National Union of Eritrean Women and PFDJ in Egypt contributed 45 thousand and 600 Egyptian Pound as well as 3 thousand and 380 Dollars while staff members of the Eritrean Embassy contributed 2 thousand and 450 Dollars.

According to the Eritrean Embassy in Saudi Arabia, trucks owners and drivers contributed 29 thousand and 150 Riyals and other organizations and individuals 30 thousand and 850 Riyals. The Embassy also indicated that so far nationals residing in Riyadh and its environs have contributed about 324 thousand Riyals.

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