Jimmy Failla: Behind Hillarys Biden endorsement — Is there more than meets the eye?

Hillary Clinton sent a powerful message to worried Democratic Party leaders last month when she endorsed Joe Biden. And that message was, “in case of emergency break glass.” The People’s Pantsuit all but offered herself up as an electoral fire extinguisher in a carefully crafted appearance aimed at assuring voters that she’s still here in case Joe’s not all there.

Her timing could not have been better. More on that in a second.

Now before you tell me I’m crazy, I ask you this: why else would a woman who’s spent her whole life pursuing the presidency with the hyperfocus of a dog chasing a tennis ball stop on a dime and pass the torch in something as unceremonious as a virtual Town Hall meeting?


Granted, the Democratic Party can’t hold massive rallies right now, partly because of coronavirus lockdowns and mostly because Joe doesn’t draw big crowds to begin with. But after all the time Hillary’s spent obsessing over the presidency, it was beyond anti-climactic to watch her give up her lifelong quest in a glorified Zoom cocktail party.

Unless she didn’t.

I know, I know, Hillary says she’s never running again, which is exactly what she said prior to 2016.

Here’s the thing: Hillary will ALWAYS be running for president.

Someday, the Ivanka Trump rallies are going to be chanting “HELP her up.”

In the meantime, now might be Hillary’s chance to help the Democratic party up out of Biden’s basement, where the only thing more problematic than his memory is Tara Reade’s.

Reade, a former Senate Staffer, is accusing then-Senator Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993. Four people are on record stating she told them contemporaneously about the incident and a video has surfaced of a woman she claims is her mother calling into “The Larry King Show” to discuss the allegations in 1993.

The media’s reluctance to cover Reade’s story has sparked howls of protest online over what is rightfully being described as a double standard, given the wall to wall coverage devoted to the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court Confirmation hearing.

Christine Blasey Ford was celebrated as a hero in every corner of the internet for having the guts to speak out against a powerful man.

Reade came along and did the same thing, albeit with a lot more corroborating evidence, and in the past four weeks it’s almost as if there have been more sightings of Kim Jong Un than Reade.

But despite efforts to ignore her by Biden’s allies in the press and the “Believe All Women” crowd in his own Party, a steady drum beat on social media has sparked newfound interest in Reade’s story.

Biden was finally forced to address the allegations Friday on “Morning Joe” and let’s just say that if Democrats aren’t calling the Chappaqua fire department yet, they’re at least staring at the phone.

It’s never good when you start off an interview about your own self-control by coughing directly into your hand at the height of a global pandemic.


To his credit, Biden was more careful from there to deny Reade’s allegations in every manner they were presented to him by a visibly upset Mika Brzezinksi.

Critics will focus on the fact that Biden repeatedly rebuffed her requests to unseal his Senate records at the University of Delaware, and yes, his about face from his stance in the Kavanaugh days of “believe all women” didn’t look good on him at all.

Democrats are kidding themselves if they think it looks any better on them either.

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The good news for the Biden campaign is Donald Trump has no shortage of allegations against him, so there’s only so many rocks Republicans will throw out of their own glass houses on this one.

The bad news is “Cornpop” and hundreds of other verbal oddities that have come out of Joe’s mouth on the campaign trail. You can deny his inability to complete a sentence is a byproduct of cognitive decline all you want. But there’s no denying the fact that Biden interviews are where the candidate goes to feel like he’s alert and on top of things. And when you tack on sexual assault allegations to the perception that a candidate is losing his marbles, it wouldn’t be any surprise to see him lose the nomination too.

If that happens, there’s only one place for the Democratic Party to turn. Sorry Bernie Bros, but the Democrats would replace Joe Biden with Joe Exotic before they give it to Bernie. And as for the other candidates who ran this year, there isn’t one with Hillary Clinton’s fundraising ability and national organization who could step in immediately and fill the void.

“Cornpop” may have been a bad dude, but Hillary Clinton is a “nasty woman.” She shoved Joe out of the way in 2016, and if we learned anything from the timing of her endorsement, it’s that she won’t think twice about doing it again.


To which I say, “why not?” Every other blockbuster gets a sequel these days, so why not the biggest election of all time?

Get your popcorn ready if Joe doesn’t turn it around soon.

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