Photographer hits back at accusation Keir Starmer was clapping for the cameras

The photographer who filmed Keir Starmer as he clapped for carers has hit back over claims he was only doing it ‘for the cameras’.

The Labour leader last night faced an onslaught over a clip of him which showed him asking a cameraman “did you get what you needed?” after clapping alongside his wife Victoria.

Critics on Twitter accused Mr Starmer of clapping merely for the cameras and of using the weekly celebration of the NHS for his own political ends.

But the cameraman who was shooting the clip of Mr Starmer and his wife hit out on Twitter at the false claims.

Marc Ward spoke out after the misleading clip began to spread.

Keir Starmer and his wife Victoria outside their London home

He said: “I’m that cameraman he was talking to – he asked me as a way to clear the path to bring his daughter over from across the road.”

He added the clip of the different angle saying: “Here’s the angle where he speaks to me. As you can see, he heads over the road and fetches his daughter and we cut. A total non-story being whipped up online by people who love to shout ‘fake news’ but the tweet has been shared hundreds of times, the truth? How far does that go?

In fact the Labour leader asked the question because he wanted to bring his young daughter over from across the road as he did not want her to be on the TV.

As soon as the cameraman had enough footage the Starmers wanted their daughter to join them again for the rest of the applause.

The Labour leader tweeted: “Another emotional moment as the country comes together to clap for our key workers, our carers and all those keeping our country going through this crisis.”

The event is now in its seventh week, with Britons up and down the country stepping onto their doorsteps, balconies and front gardens to applaud frontline workers at 8pm every Thursday.

Boris Johnson clapping in Downing Street

The Prime Minister tweeted a video of himself applauding, saying: “Thank you to all of our carers for your fantastic work, day in, day out. You are pillars of society in the fight against coronavirus.’

Carrie Symonds, who gave birth to their son Wilfred last Wednesday, also joined in the applause, posting on Twitter: “Spotted this flower rainbow leaving UCLH with Wilfred last week. Clapping again for our fantastic carers tonight.”

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