NEWS: Six Flags Theme Parks Release Information on Upcoming Guest Reservation System

As we wait for word on when Disney World and Disneyland will re-open, other theme parks around the world have begun releasing procedures and precautionary measures that will be implemented when they re-open.

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One example of this are the Six Flag Theme Parks, who recently released guidelines on the guest reservation system they will be implementing upon their re-opening.

Without specifying a re-opening date, Six Flags has released their plan for a new guest reservation system.

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The way it will work is that, anyone with a ticket, Season Pass, or Membership to the park will be asked to visit the reservation page of Six Flag’s website. From there, guests will be asked to enter their online order number, ticket, or Season Pass number. Then, they will select the date they would like to visit, along with a time they wish to enter.

Once you have selected a date and time, Six Flags will show a brief video describing new distancing and sanitization procedures in place. After that is finished, you will be asked to “acknowledge your understanding of [their] health policy and associated restrictions on entering the park.” You can also order “pre-paid parking, masks, and other merchandise (if desired or necessary).”

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The day before your visit, Six Flags will reach out to you electronically by email, text, or both to verify that you still plan to come, and remind you of their health policy.

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At this time, Six Flags has not released a capacity number, nor a date of re-opening. However, they have released this information in advance so that guests can know what to expect upon the parks’ re-openings.

We are interested to see if other theme parks will follow suit in releasing their plans for re-opening prior to an opening date. Stay tuned to AllEars as we bring you the latest theme park news!

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