TN Sheriff’s Deputy Fired for Saying ‘I Hate Gay People,’ Defending Confederate Flag

A sheriff’s deputy in Clarksville, Tennessee, has been fired over racist and anti-LGBT Facebook posts.

Josh Wilson, 26, made the posts between 2010-16, before he joined the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department. Among other things, Wilson expressed his disdain for gay people, questioned why it’s OK to fly a rainbow-colored American flag but not a confederate flag, and wondered whom Black Lives Matter protesters.

After the posts were uncovered by Scoop: Clarksville, a local news site, the sheriff’s department investigated before terminating Wilson effective immediately.

“It is my job to protect our citizens and enforce the law impartially and without prejudice. In order to accomplish this, I have to have confidence that our deputies share those same values,” Sheriff John Fuson said. “The posts made on social media, do not reflect the character or values of this office.”

More from Scoop Clarksville: Social media background checks were not part of the pre-employment screening process in 2016. Starting in 2018, a more detailed background check became part of the pre-employment screening process. “Had these posts been noticed then, the deputy would not have been considered for employment. In light of this incident, more resources will be added to ensure deeper social media background checks,” said Sheriff Fuson. “Hopefully together we can move forward from this incident.”

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