Was Beethoven Black? Twitter Theory Raises An Orchestra Of Memes & Reactions

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A Twitter user has resurfaced a theory about German composer Ludwig van Beethoven that has quickly turned into a meme.

According to a 2015 article by The Concordian, it states that Beethoven was the son of a white German man Johann Van and Maria Magdalena Keverich, who was allegedly a Moorish woman. Though there might not be enough evidence to verify if Beethoven was actually black, the news was enough for Twitter users to go into a frenzy.

Twitter user @Sshandinx took a screenshot of the article and shared it online with the caption, “Beethoven was black?! The plot thickens.” “I’m not even going to fact check if Beethoven was black. Twitter told me it’s true, so it’s true now,” a Twitter user responded.

“Every depiction of Beethoven is of him as a white man,” the article reads, citing “various credible sources” that include individuals who were close to the composer to allege that he was not white.

Other Twitter users joked that the late composer has used white powder to mask the color of his skin. “Beethoven getting ready or his concerts like,” a user wrote, alongside a photo of a black man wearing white face makeup.

According to the San Jose State University’s Beethoven Center, Beethoven is believed to be black was based on the fact that his ancestors came from the Flemish region of northern Europe, which was invaded and ruled by the Spanish. The Moors were part of the Spanish culture, and they were said to have darker complexions.

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