‘At Least I Have Some Hair’: Fox News Panel on Chicago Violence Devolves Into Follicle-Measuring Contest

A Fox News panel discussion between Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk and radio host Chris Hahn quickly devolved into a bitter hair follicle-measuring contest.

During the Ingraham Angle discussion, Kirk — a 26-year-old with a head of thick, flowing hair — and Hahn — an older, bald man — debated President Donald Trump’s decision to send federal agents into Portland and Chicago to combat violence.

“President Trump is standing up heroically and bringing in federal law enforcement because he cares about the cities in our country that the Democrats have destroyed. Your party owns these cities, Chris,” claimed Kirk. “When was the last time a Republican was a mayor of Chicago? 1932. You own these cities and Trump is fixing them.”

“If he cared about Chicago, Charlie, he would have real gun policy in America,” Hahn argued, prompting Kirk to note, “They have the strictest gun laws in the country, Chris.”

Hahn then shot back, “They’re buying guns in Indiana, Charlie, you’re smart enough to know that…” before starting the hair-measuring contest with the comment, “…even with that haircut.”

“Well Chris, at least I have some hair, okay?” Kirk snapped, as Hahn joked, “I wish I had your hair. I’m jealous, trust me.”

“I know. I can tell,” Kirk responded.

Laura Ingraham then brought the contest to an end, concluding, “Okay guys, we don’t have to devolve into hair comments at this point. We have enough serious things to talk about, although it is amusing.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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