This new GTA 6 leak teases we could see a next-gen Vice City revival

Rockstar Games is knee deep in development of Grand Theft Auto 6, but where will the next entry in the GTA franchise be located? Vice City, according to the latest leaks.

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Grand Theft Auto was last rendering the city of Vice City back with GTA: Vice City in 2002, nearly 20 years ago now. The new information on GTA 6 being based in Vice City comes from synthwave musician Pete Brian Rice, who tweeted that “music rights clearing people” working with Rockstar had talked to him and other synthwave artists for a “radio station”.

Rice of course quickly deleted his tweet, but not before sites spotted it and began running with the story.

We are taking this news with a gigantic ton of salt, because Rockstar seems to be rolling in cash after selling over 135 million copies of Grand Theft Auto V. Take-Two recently revealed it had sold 5 million units in the last quarter alone… so do they need to release GTA 6 right now?


But when they do, it’s going to be truly next-gen.

This new GTA 6 leak teases we could see a next-gen Vice City revival 02 |
  • When did we first hear about GTA 6? I think I was the first in the world to cover Grand Theft Auto 6, so much so that the TweakTown servers crashed multiple times requiring upgrades from the insane load of people reading about it. That was all the way back in 2015, when Rockstar President Leslie Benzies teased they’ve got “about 45 years worth of ideas” for GTA 6.
  • How big will GTA 6 be? The largest GTA ever, I’d say — and with reports from 2015, the developer was reportedly mapping the entire of the United States for GTA 6. At the time, the report stated: “Loading the entirety of the USA would have its issues. I mean, driving from one city to another could be a real chore, especially if it’s just filled with country side and nothing much to do in between“.
This new GTA 6 leak teases we could see a next-gen Vice City revival 03 |
  • Where will GTA 6 be based? Well, that’s what we’re beginning to hear about now — it was only a few months ago in April 2020 that we heard GTA 6 had been in pre-production since 2014 and that the map in Grand Theft Auto 6 would be “huge” at launch. It looks like it could be based in Vice City, at the very least — and maybe multiple large cities.
  • When is GTA 6 launching? The latest we’ve heard is 2023 — and I’m sure it will be dropping on the next-gen Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X consoles, with Take-Two reportedly setting side $89 million on marketing for FY2024 — which should see some big GTA 6 marketing (and I’m sure it will be much, much more than that).

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