[Roundup] United Airlines Union ‘Sells Out’ Its Junior Flight Attendants

[Roundup] United Airlines Union ‘Sells Out’ Its Junior Flight Attendants

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • United Flight Attendant Union Sells Out Its Junior Members allowing all but the most junior 5500 to keep their jobs without work or pay, but continue to receive health and travel benefits and accrue seniority. This is literally what unions do though so I’m not sure the complaint. The whole idea is that the most senior members get the greatest benefit, at the expense of junior members, and junior members go along in hopes of themselves one day being senior. That’s great as far as it goes until the music stops.

  • German Efromovich, ousted last year as CEO of Avianca by United, has been arrested on bribery charges. While Colombia is investigating whether Avianca officials sought bribes from Airbus, this arrest does not implicate the airline.
  • Huge Hyatt meetings offer valid through end of 2022. (HT: Loyalty Lobby)

  • Aeroplan’s leadership talks about how they developed the new program.

  • “Travel Influencers Be Like…” (HT: One Mile at a Time)

  • American Airlines passengers who don’t wear a mask can face a ban from the airline until the mask requirement is lifted. American is letting employees know that if they don’t wear a mask when they use their nonrev travel privileges, they can lose those privileges for 30 days.

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