Supporting quality journalism in Europe

How does Google support news?

The way people are consuming news is changing, and the business models which underpin and sustain news are changing, too. That’s why we have worked hard to deepen our support of the industry in many ways over many years.

Helping publishers reach huge audiences

Google Search and Google News help news publishers by sending large amounts of traffic for free to their sites. In Europe alone, people click on the news content Google links to more than eight billion times a month—that means we drive 3,000 clicks per second to publishers’ own websites. For larger news publishers, a study by Deloitte put the value of each click between 4-6 euro cents, mostly generated through advertising and subscriptions. 

Delivering significant advertising revenue

Each year we help publishers earn billions of Euros in advertising revenue. Complementing publishers’ own advertising sales efforts, our technology brings additional advertisers and money to publisher pages and apps. On average, news publishers keep over 95 percent of the digital advertising revenue they generate when they use Ad Manager to show ads on their websites. The money paid to publishing partners in our global ad network was $10 billion in 2015 and grew to $14 billion by 2018 by working closely with technology, with publishers and with advertisers.

Making it easier to sell subscriptions

Publishers are building new business models around their digital content. That’s why we’ve created subscription tools that help publishers grow new revenue from online visits, such as Subscribe with Google, which provides an easy way for publishers to grow digital subscriptions. 

Helping publishers through technical skills, tools and innovation investment

The tools we build are in collaboration with publishers. Take Accelerated Mobile Pages: Five years ago it took an average of 19 seconds to load a page on a mobile browser so we worked with publishers to build a new format to dramatically improve the mobile web and help ensure readers see their content. 

In 2015, we launched the Digital News Initiative, a €150m million initiative to further support high-quality journalism by funding innovative projects with publishers. Working closely with leading publishers, these projects resulted in brilliant concepts which help tackle industry challenges from battling misinformation and telling local stories, to boosting digital revenues and exploring new technologies. The $300 million Google News Initiative furthers this work in Europe and around the world.

Extra help during the pandemic  

During the pandemic, when sales of physical newspapers were reduced by lockdown and advertising suddenly slowed, we provided almost 10 million Euros in emergency funding to more than 1700 small and medium sized European publishers impacted by COVID-19, as well as financial support for global news publishers with an ad-serving fee waiver on Google Ad Manager. This includes publishers like Eco di Bergamo in Italy, which has used the funds to increase investment in new means of production (like video, audio, photo and data) to give readers a deeper, more analytical knowledge of what’s happening in the Bergamo area, which suffered heavy losses during the crisis.

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