A Closer Look At What’s Coming In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3

Tacked on to the end of the season three premiere of Star Trek: Discovery was a teaser for what’s coming in the rest of the season. The rapid-fire editing shows you glimpses from scenes from many episodes, and out of sequence. We have freeze-framed and sorted things around into categories to try to unveil the secrets. The following analysis is based on information previously reported along with some educated guesses. Obviously… SPOILERS.

Traveling with Michael and Book

The promo starts showing some tranquil life with Michael Burnham and Cleveland “Book” Booker, and his cat Grudge, on board his ship. This moment is likely sometime after the season premiere (note her longer hair) and during the time before Burnham has been reunited with the USS Discovery.

Michael provides a voice-over: “It feels like a dream, this world. A strange, beautiful dream.”

Crashing the Disco

There are a few shots in the teaser showing a crash landing of the USS Discovery. This is likely from episode two, showing what happens after right after the episode two sneak peek, also released by CBS.

 We can hear Saru give the order, “All decks, prepare for impact” as the ship crashes into the planet.

Saru and Tilly visit a strange new world

Saru and Tilly exit the ship in civilian clothes, likely exploring the world where the ship crashed.

Michael investigates “The Burn”

Michael visits an alien planet that appears to be run by the Andorian/Orion alliance seen in the first episode. In voiceover, she says, “I’ve been searching for clues as to what caused ‘The Burn.’” This is likely early in her search as she still has shorter hair.

An alien hand her something with a Starfleet ship registry number. There is no known ship with the number (or starting with the number) NCC-4774.

Michael (still with short hair and in civilian clothes) meets with Federation Liason Sahil, with her voiceover continuing, “Answers that might hope bring the Federation together.”

Later we see Sahil’s Federation relay station with a destroyed Starfleet ship floating in the foreground.

Discovery visits Earth?

The USS Discovery approaches a blue planet that looks like Earth, and Detmer happily declares, “There she is.”

Later in the promo we get a shot of the ship and a shuttle approaching what may be the same planet.

Adira disses Disco tech

Adira (Blu del Barrio) talks to Tilly and Stamets in his lab on the Discovery saying, “This science vessel is practically a museum.”

Tilly replies, “Well museums are cool, so…” Adira snaps back, “That’s what someone who lives in a museum would say.”

Later Adira makes a new Starfleet badge using 32nd-century programmable matter.

Bar fight, with help from Georgiou

This promo features some of the same fight shown in the Star Trek Day trailer, with Georgiou fighting a group including a human played by Jake Weber (Homeland).

This fight takes place in the same bar we saw a Cordanite talking to Saru and Tilly in the Star Trek Day trailer, and is likely from the planet where they crash land. In a new shot, we can see one of the tough guys pointing a futuristic weapon at Georgiou as Tilly and the character played by Jake Weber look on. Georgiou says, “I’m going to enjoy this new world.”

The new promo also shows Saru using his new post-Vahar’ai spikes during the fight.

Inspirational speeches

Saru (with captain’s shoulder braids) says “There is so much we do not know. It is quite extraordinary, the journey we have had.”

Michael proclaims, “The Federation gave me a mission and a purpose.” We pick up her voiceover later as we see more action with, “…because the problems often seem insurmountable, but haven’t we always risen to meet them.”

Saru on the bridge of the Discovery says, “Discovery carried us into the future. We’ll make that future bright!”

Tilly tells Michael, “You are going to figure out what caused The Burn, and help to rebuild the Federation.” Michael replies, “We all will.”

Space battles

With the USS Discovery in orbit above a planet with a glowing shield, Owo informs Saru (entering the bridge), “Five unidentified vessels incoming.”

Some alien ships fire on the USS Discovery above the blue-shielded planet, with Book’s ship seen below the Discovery.

Things explode on the bridge of the Discovery.

Book’s ship flies away from the Discovery as ships fire on it, with Detmer in control of Book’s ship along with an unknown long-haired Andorian who is holding Grudge. Detmer says, “I’m about to do something that might get us both killed.”

Book’s ship fights a much larger ship and some smaller ships above a red planet.

Stamets has some new tech

Stamets’ spore chamber gets an upgrade with programmable matter.

A visit to Trill

Michael fights some Trill as Adira watches.

Adira convulsess in a pool, likely a Trill symbiont pool in the Caves of Mak’ala, and gets pulled underwater.

Adira and Michael surrounded by energy ribbons, with (probably) the Trill named Grey (Ian Alexander) on a floating table.

Alien robot

A robotic alien lifeform can be seen on the main screen of Book’s ship.

We later see the same lifeform with Book.

Crew together

Detmer, Tilly, and Rhys share a moment.

Tilly hugs Burnham as she returns to the USS Discovery.

Rhys and Bryce share a moment on the bridge.

The reunited crew (with new Starfleet badges) share a toast.

Culber, Nhan, and Michael, on an away mission, possibly Trill. 

Tilly places a badge on a wall with other badges and nameplates, possibly a memorial.

Book in action

Book declares, “Let’s do it!”

Book throws an object, possibly a grenade.

Blah yells, “wooooh!” as energy bolts go past him.

Book and a long-haired Andorian, probably the one seen with Detmer on his ship, run from some industrial facility.

Book and Micahel run from some floating drones firing on them in a yellow forest.

Book and Michael have another kind of action.

More space shots and action

A Discovery shuttle flies towards a gap in a cloud in space, accompanied by two drone-like things.

The Discovery shines a light on a small vessel.

An explosion in a music venue.

Starfleet ships, including one like the USS Hiawatha medical frigate crash into a cityscape

Tilly and Grudge

The promo ends with a funny moment with Tilly saying “hello” to Grudge on the Discovery.

Tilly tells Gruge “I’m not a cat person,” and Grudge literally walks all over her.

Watch it

Here is the season 3 promo (NOTE: it is mislabeled a promo for episode 2 “Far From Home.”)

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