Kristen Welker Is Being Praised as the Best Debate Moderator So Far – Read Tweets!

Kristen Welker is getting a lot of praise tonight for how she is handling the final presidential debate!

The journalist, who works for NBC News, is the first black woman to moderate a presidential debate since 1992 and people think she is the best moderator of the election season.

The debate is taking place on Thursday night (October 22) in Nashville, Tenn.

Things were a bit different during this debate after the first one featured the candidates constantly interrupting each other, even during their 2 minutes of time that was supposed to be uninterrupted. This time, their mics are being muted while the other one has their uninterrupted time.

The current president made comments about New York City during the debate and those comments are being slammed by many.

Click inside to read a lot more tweets about Kristen Welker…

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