Girl, 14, has lip burned to a crisp after yobs launch firework in no-go zone

A 14-year-old girl suffered horrific burns to her face when yobs launched a firework at her.

Holly Kane’s lip was burned to a crisp after ‘boys on bikes’ threw a pyrotechnic at her in Canada Water, London, on Saturday.

She was rushed to St Thomas’ Hospital with swollen lips and cheeks and blood pouring from her mouth.

It comes after youths fired rockets and flares at diners in Canada Water over the weekend as part of a spate of anti-social behaviour near the station.

Holly’s mum said the yobs are making residents’ lives a ‘nightmare’ and turning the neighbourhood into a ‘no-go zone’, according to a report.

Holly, from Deptford, London, has described how boys on bikes came up behind her and threw a firework on the floor.

Holly was rushed to St Thomas’ Hospital with blood pouring from her mouth

She told The Sun Online : “As I turned around this firework hit me on the face and it exploded.

“I sort of went unconscious because I couldn’t really hear properly. I was scared all my face was going to be scarred and that my teeth would be knocked out.

“I had blood pouring out of my mouth, it was so sore. I can’t move my mouth too much as it really hurts. I’m also scared it’s going to happen again and that I won’t look the same as I did before.”

The teen’s mouth burned to a crisp and swelled in size

Holly said the incident happened as she was walking towards a foot tunnel with her friend to get out of the rain.

Paula, the teen’s mum, said her girl suffered ‘ridiculous’ swelling and was now waking up at night with the taste of sulphur in her mouth.

The mum claimed her daughter could have been blinded in the incident, adding that she is now terrified to leave the house, especially on Bonfire Night.

She added that local yobs have been causing chaos in the area for a long time, with police now issuing a section 35 dispersal power in the neighbourhood.

The Metropolitan Police said an ‘initial group’ were identified and home visits were carried out with help from the council.

A police spokesman said a number of anti-social behaviour contracts were issued. 

Inspector Tom Cornish added that a ‘policing plan’ with extra resources is in place to tackle ‘problem locations’.

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