Report: Jared Kushner an Even Bigger Idiot Than Previously Thought (And Yes, That’s Saying Something)

Clearly Kushner’s comments were dumb at the time and are extra embarrassing as cases in the U.S. have surged, adding 73,240 on Tuesday after hitting a record of more than 83,000 last Friday. Meanwhile, 11 states this month have had their highest single day of new deaths since the pandemic started. “If we continue our current behavior, by the time we start to go down the other side of the curve, a half a million people will be dead,” CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner said on Tuesday.

Of course dead Americans have never much bothered the first son-in-law, who, in March, said of the exploding cases in New York: “[Governor Andrew Cuomo’s] people are going to suffer and that’s their problem,” according to reporter Katherine Eban. (That comment can now be seen on a billboard in Times Square, which Kushner’s lawyer would really like taken down.)

So anyway, yes, Jared Kushner is an even bigger idiot than previously thought, though, according to his father-in-law, you couldn’t find a sharper guy if you tried, which probably says more about the people the president of the United States surrounds himself with than it does Kushner’s supposedly towering intellect.

The president himself supported Kushner speaking to Woodward for Rage, according to another audio clip obtained by CNN, calling him “one smart cookie.”

“I told Jared to speak to you, and I believe he has,” Trump told Woodward on February 19. Trump said he asked Kushner to coordinate with others in the administration “so that Bob can speak to anybody he wants to. Jared will handle—very capable guy, Jared. You can’t get people like this.”

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