Videos: Post-Election Protest in NYC Becomes Stand-Off Between Activists, Police Officers

On Tuesday, Americans flocked to polling stations to vote and elect the next US president, choosing between the incumbent POTUS, Donald Trump, and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. While the final results are not yet in, activists have hit the streets in several US cities.

Protesters have flocked to the streets of New York City one day after voting in the national election in the United States wrapped up, some carrying pro-Biden flags and insulting police officers, according to reports. Beginning in the vicinity of Washington Square, the protests are said to be ongoing in a West Village neighbourhood of lower Manhattan.

According to a Sputnik correspondent, at least ten people have been detained in the NYC protests, and demonstrators are clashing with police.

Video and photos shared on social media show protesters engaging in fights with the cops, marching through the streets and blocking traffic.

​​Videos revealed protesters clashing with cops, as police officers used bicycles to kettle the demonstrators.

​Photos showed crowds of protesters allegedly flocking the streets, with 6th Avenue claimed to have been shut down.

​Demonstrators were recorded chanting slogans and yelling insults at police officers.

​Other footage showed protesters shouting “No cops, no KKK, no fascist USA” from their prison van.

​Some users shared photos in which trash fires can be seen, allegedly lit by protesters.

​On Tuesday, there was a national election in the United States, with the final results of the White House race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump still unknown.

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