PS5 Scraps One of PS4s Best Customization Features

The PS5 is releasing in six days, and when it releases, it will be without one of PS4’s best customization features. More specifically, when you boot up your PS5 this Thursday — assuming you somehow managed to get your hands on a pre-order or a day-one edition — you’ll notice no option to customize the background of the home screen, and that’s because there are no longer themes. Whether this is simply a launch omission or a permanent omission, isn’t clear, but if you were looking forward to seeing your PS4 theme in 4K on PS5, well, prepare yourself for the disappointment of having the same background screen as every other PS5 owner.

While themes haven’t survived the leap to next-gen, avatars have, so a little bit of customization and opportunity to distinguish yourself from your fellow PS5 user remains, but, as you may know, themes have been a big part of PS4, and so many are sad to see them go.

At the moment of publishing, Sony has provided zero explanation or defense for the cut, but it presumably comes down to the difference in user interfaces. That said, while it’s almost a guarantee your PS4 themes will never come to PS5, it doesn’t mean we won’t see themes or something like it in the future of the PS5. However, given the design of the UI, it’s hard to imagine how this would be possible, which perhaps explains why it’s not an option in the first place.

The PS5 is set to release on November 12 or November 19, depending on where you’re in the world, and will cost $400 or $500 at release.

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