Mike Shinoda Remixed Deftones & Maynard James Keenan’s “Passenger” And It Rules

After yesterday’s discouraging news about guitarist Stephen Carpenter’s connection with reality, we’re back to awesome Deftones content today. The alt-metal legends are following up their recent album Ohms next month with Black Stallion, an album of remixes from their iconic White Pony album, which recently turned 20 years old. Today they’ve released a killer remix of “Passenger,” their duet with Tool’s Maynard James Keenan, by Linkin Park mastermind Mike Shinoda.

The debuts from Linkin Park and Keenan’s side project A Perfect Circle were also blowing up back in 2000, but this remix does not sound dated in the slightest. Instead, Shinoda has given “Passenger” a sleek electronic makeover without sacrificing the intense rock power of the original. It’s one of the better remixes in recent memory.

Listen below, where you can also find the original.

A video for Shinoda’s “Passenger” remix will debut tonight at 12:12AM ET as part of the virtual Adult Swim Festival:

White Pony / Black Stallion is out 12/11. Pre-order it here.

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