Nintendo Switch Update Adds New Nintendo Switch Online Icon and People Hate It

The Nintendo Switch got an update this week which is typically welcome news since those either add new features or resolve some issues, but part of this update isn’t sitting well with many Nintendo fans. A menu option for Nintendo Switch Online was added to Switch users’ home screens in the update so that it sits at the bottom of the screen among other important selections. However, the icon used for the new option is the standard red and white picture people already associate with the Nintendo Switch Online service, and next to the other icons, it’s kind of an eyesore.

Even without reading Nintendo’s official notes for the Nintendo Switch update, it’d be hard not to notice the new Nintendo Switch Online icon on your console’s home screen. It sits at the bottom of the screen along with the other icons on the menu’s bar of important, go-to options, and it’s much different from the others. Where the other icons follow the same gray theme with minimal color differences between them, the Nintendo Switch Online option is basically just a cropped PNG of the service’s main symbol.

Responses to the new symbol were quick and more passionate than some might’ve expected. People questioned why the icon looks the way it did when it could’ve easily dropped the red and gone with just the white and grey look like some of the other icons which would’ve worked just fine given how much white is used in the icon anyway.

The vehement objections toward the icon also brought on another topic: The lack of themes on the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch technically does have themes, but “Basic White” and “Basic Black” don’t exactly encompass everything people would like to see from the feature. That’s in no way a new request, but considering how it could affect what these icons look like and would give people more control over their home screens, it’s a topic being talked about once again.

If you’re one of the many who don’t like the new Nintendo Switch Online icon, check out some of the reactions below so that you know you’re far from the only one who feels that way.

How It Started


Still No Custom Themes


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