Aliens Strike Again? New Monolith Appears in California After Two Others Mysteriously Vanish


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After the recent discovery and vanishing of two enigmatic metal structures, looking oddly familiar to that described in the 1968 classic science-fiction book by Arthur C. Clarke, the world is making guesses at the origins of the shiny little monoliths. Could this be our chance to communicate with an alien civilization, or is it just a prank?

Another mysterious metal monolith resembling the structure described in the iconic science-fiction novel by British author Arthur C. Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey, was found on top of a mountain in central California, a local newspaper reported on Wednesday. 

According to the paper, the monolith appeared on top of Pine Mountain, near the small town of Atascadero, on Wednesday morning.

“The three-sided obelisk appeared to be made of stainless steel, 10-feet tall (3 meters) and 18 inches (45 cm) wide. The object was welded together at each corner, with rivets attaching the side panels to a likely steel frame inside”, Atascadero News reported.

Unlike the 3.6 meters (12 ft) tall monolith found in Utah at the end of November, the Californian shiny pillar seems not to be attached to the ground and can reportedly be moved if a considerable force is applied.

It is unknown who or what placed the structure on top of the mountain, already a tourist attraction, as dozens of hikers post photos to social media.

The newspaper reported that local authorities were aware of the monolith installed on top of the mountain, but had no other information on the obelisk. 

As the Utah monolith disappeared last Friday, and one in Romania on Tuesday, the Californian structure remains the only one of its kind. For now, at least.

In Clarke’s 1968 sci-fi classic and in the subsequent movie treatment by Stanley Kubrick and Clarke, decidedly rectangular monoliths were planted by an unknown alien civilization as a portal to other locations in space, and to boost the development of intelligent life. In the book and in the movie the monolith awakens the intelligence of a tribe of prehistoric apes on Earth, kick-starting their evolution over millions of years into modern day Homo sapiens.

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