Fugs & Pieces, December 18th, 2020

Hope you’re hanging in there!

If you missed it, I rounded up a bunch of cute tiny things this week, and we had some great afternoon chats about last minutes gift ideas, the books you’re giving for the holidays, and your fave holiday cocktails.

FYI, we ran this on our Instagram this week, but we are doing another partnership with the folks at Acorn TV — you can get 30 days free with code FUGGIRLS30A.

The kicker on this piece was………..!!!!!! At Texas Monthly: Texas Wedding Photographers Have Seen Some $#!+

So so good, at Vogue: An Oral History of Fashion’s Response to the AIDS Epidemic

This is well worth your time: ‘Heroes’ Was Supposed to Be Leonard Roberts’ Big Break. Instead, It Nearly Broke Him. [Variety]

This is a really good essay  about Conspiracy Influencer Moms on Instagram. [Jewish Currents]

This whole Nancy Meyers thing that happened this week was wild. Lainey has a good take.

Also, the actual piece in question is totally benign and reasonable and honestly normal and fun! It is such a very VERY normal sort of piece anyone would write about a director with the kind of recognizable style that Nancy Meyers has! This should not have turned into a thing! [Vulture]

THIS IS A SCANDAL: The legal titan and the ‘Real Housewife’: The rise and fall of Tom Girardi and Erika Jayne [LAT]

At Crimereads: Walter Mosley on Devil in a Blue Dress, Thirty Years Later

This is a mystery! Cookie Monster Mural Puzzles Artist and Enrages Property Owner [NYT]

Also over at Lainey, the scoop on Tom Cruise losing it on set this week.

ALERT: The 2020 Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog is HERE! [Defector]

This news absolutely made the rounds of my family group texts: GOOD NEWS: Working On Your Night Cheese (And Wine) Is Good For You, So Says Science [Pajiba]

At The Guardian: Dakar fashion week takes place in a baobab forest – in pictures. These photos are gorgeous!

At Vice: The Wildly Mixed Success Rate of the Celebrity-Helmed Talk Show

At Celebitchy: Christopher Walken doesn’t have a cell phone or computer, says it’s too late for him. I’m jealous.

Fun, at Vogue: Sharon Stone on the Unforgettable Fashion of Casino, 25 Years Later

I’ve been waiting for this! Zodiac ‘340 Cipher’ cracked by code experts 51 years after it was sent to the S.F. Chronicle [SF Chronicle]

At Popular Science: What the Dippin’ Dots ‘cold chain’ can teach us about COVID-19 vaccines

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