Merry Christmas from SoraNews24!

Happy holidays to our readers in Japan and around the world!

After a crazy year when masks became a hot commodity and avoiding crowds became such a big part of the new normal it contributed to the Kanji of the Year, congratulations everyone — we’ve finally made it to Christmas.

That means we can do our best to forget about the “C” word that dominated so much of 2020 to concentrate on other, more pleasant “C” words like “Christmas“, “Cheers” and “Candy“. And maybe “chips” because we still can’t stop thinking about the chip butty that Burger King brought us back in October.

It’s certainly a different type of holiday season for a lot of us around the world this year, so wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, we’d like to send you a virtual hug from our team here in Japan. Over here, we’ll be taking the day off to grab the last of the festive Frappuccinos, stuff our faces with anime-style cakes and make KFC soup from our fried chicken leftovers.

Because if Japan has taught us anything, it’s that there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate the holidays.

So whether you’re spending time with your bubble, a bucket of KFC chicken, or your favourite movies and TV shows, all of us here at SoraNews24 are sending you our very best wishes. We’ll be back to share more news from Japan with you first thing tomorrow, so until then, feel free to kick back and enjoy these videos of capybaras soaking in hot spring waters. You deserve it.

Top image: Pakutaso (edited by SoraNews24)
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