Explosion in Downtown Nashville Damages Buildings on Christmas Day

Authorities are on the scene in downtown Nashville in response to an explosion that took place early Christmas morning.

The explosion happened at Second Avenue and Broadway near Commerce Street, and it occurred around 6:30 am local time. Buildings were reportedly shaken by the concussive force of the blast and smoke and flames were seen billowing out of the area.

Injuries and the precise levels of property damage remain unclear, but local emergency services informed the public that the explosion was “linked to a vehicle.”

ABC News says the explosion was tied to a recreational vehicle and it blew out the windows of nearby buildings, though investigations are still underway.

UPDATE – 10:00 a.m. ET: Local authorities held a press conference on the explosion, saying the police department was called to investigate a “suspicious vehicle” this morning. Initial assessments of the vehicle prompted the police to call in the bomb squad, and the explosion happened while they were en route to the scene. Authorities are working under the assumption that the explosion was “an intentional act” and investigations will continue while the area remains shut down.

Watch above, via CNN.

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