Business Beat: Watford City woman decides to grow Microgreens – KX NEWS

After a life-changing medical diagnosis, a Watford City woman has changed the way she views her health.

Now, she’s hoping to inspire others to live better too.

“My first diagnosis was in March 2019.” Wassana Jones said.

Jones has fought hard over the last year and a half to defeat breast cancer taking every punch and blow that she possibly can.

“I have been through so much, oh God.” Jones said.

Her husband, Kelly Jones, who didn’t want to be interviewed on camera says with the severity of Wassana’s cancer, she was forced to change her diet in order to help raise her immune system.

“It’s now almost 99% organic, and to get that is very difficult around here.” Wassana’s Husband, Kelly Jones said.

Determined to meet her dietary needs the Jones’ decided to grow their own 100% organic foods.

“She grows a huge garden, we raise our own chickens, their organic.” Mr. Jones said.

But their newest add on is MicroGreens, which are greens, in the early stages of growth like wheatgrass or pea shoots.

She says the benefits of the little sprouts are endless, like helping with heart disease and certain cancers.

“If you eat broccoli, the whole thing, it doesn’t have enough, I mean it has nutrition, but not much like a broccoli sprout here, they (sprout) have 40 times of that” Mrs. Jones said.

She says she grows the MicroGreens in her garage using 10×20 inch trays, organinic soil and seeds and grow lights.

Now, with everything she’s learned she’s making it beneficial to others with hopes of one day starting a business off of it.

“She likes to share what she makes with her friends and now all of her friends are interested in her and what she does.” Mr. Jones said.

“I just want to get out that it’s very very healthy food and help others maintain a healthy life.” Mrs. Jones said

Wassana tells KX News she received news that she beat her cancer earlier this week and attests to her MicroGreens playing a huge role in that.

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