Milnes: U.S. presidential inaugurations can be unusual affairs. Try this trivia quiz

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11). Which First Lady, on the way out of the White House door on inauguration day after her husband’s defeat, told staff there to take care of the furniture because she would be back in four years to reclaim it?

That would be Frances Cleveland, who did indeed return to the White House as First Lady in 1893 when husband Grover became the only president ever to serve non-consecutive terms.

12). On his inauguration day in 2001, who was the first visitor President George W. Bush had to the Oval Office?

His father, former president George H.W. Bush.

13).  At which president’s inauguration concert did legend Bob Dylan perform?

That would be Bill Clinton’s, in 1993, when Dylan sang his Chimes of Freedom for the incoming president at the Lincoln Memorial. Dylan fans, and any student of the U.S. civil rights movement, will recall that the musical legend had performed at that exact spot, two decades earlier, when he famously sang at Martin Luther King’s March on Washington.

14). Which president delivered the longest inaugural address?

The 8,000-word address by Ohio’s William Henry Harrison took more than two hours to deliver in 1841.

Not wearing proper clothing, Harrison contracted pneumonia and died a month later. His grandson, decades later, had better luck and seems to have, obviously, worn a coat. Benjamin Harrison gave his own inaugural address in 1889 and lived on for his full four-year term.

15). Which U.S. vice-president, soon to be president, arrived on inaugural day so drunk that his first address was incoherent?

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