Transfer Rumor: Liverpool Look Beat Rivals To Teen Striker Kaide Gordon

With a rash of injuries throughout the season, coupled with anemic offensive output this last month, Liverpool fans are waiting for any news on the transfer front. Well, we have some news for you, but it’s not a center back, or even a senior team player.

Mike McGrath of The Telegraph is reporting that Liverpool look to be set to sign the highly rated Kaide Gordon. The 16 year old striker is rumored to be coming in for a price of over £1 million, with Manchester United and Totenham Hotspur also said to be looking to complete a deal for the England youth international.

The young striker was recently given his senior team debut against Birmingham City by manager Wayne Rooney, who knows a thing or two about playing the position.

“I brought Kaide up with the first team initially to train with us for a week to see how he reacted to it, and he was one of the best trainers,” said Rooney. “I kept him with us for a couple of weeks and he’s been training now at the same level, if not a better level, to a lot of the players.”

While it would likely be at least several years before Gordon would potentially be in contention for senior team minutes at Liverpool, his signing would follow a trend. Michael Edwards and the scouting network look to be snapping up some talented youth prospects to stock the academy. With Brexit in place, there will be much fiercer competition for young talent from the UK as there is no longer open borders with the rest of the European continent.

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