Ibiza could reopen for international tourism as early as May

Ibiza could reopen for international tourism as early as MayIbiza

Ibiza could be open as a tourist destination as soon as May, according to Spain’s Minister of Tourism, Reyes Maroto. The news comes as White Island officials continue to weigh Ibiza’s options for a prospective return to normalcy amid the continued international rollout of COVID-19 vaccines.

In a statement made to local media, Maroto confirmed that the country has been looking into vaccine passports that would allow travelers to put destinations like Ibiza, Barcelona, and Madrid back on their respective tourist maps. The plan is part of a continued effort to make the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands, which include destinations like Ibiza and Majorca, the first to welcome back international tourists. Those seeking to travel into these areas would be required to carry a vaccine passport in order to gain entry. The passport medium has already been approved for use in the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands.

The announcement comes as good news for Americans, who have been receiving COVID-19 vaccinations at an astounding rate of 2.4 million shots per day, according to CDC data. With more than 20% of Americans having received the first of two shots, the glimmer of hope for a summer holiday is starting to shine just a bit brighter. For current international travel restrictions, visit the US State Department’s official website.

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