How to Get Free Wings Every Time March Madness Goes Into Overtime

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Whether or not you have any interest in college basketball, you may be interested in following at least some of the results of this year’s tournament. That’s because every time a March Madness game goes into overtime, Buffalo Wild Wings is giving away free wings. Here’s what to know about this sporty promotion and how to get your hands on some free chicken.

How to get free wings

The concept is pretty straightforward: when a March Madness game goes into overtime, you have the opportunity to score some free boneless wings. To turn that opportunity into a reality, first, you have to become a Blazin’ Rewards member, if you aren’t already. Then, if/when a March Madness game goes into overtime, you must check-in at a Buffalo Wild Wings, or place an online order via the Blazin’ Rewards program within 30 minutes of it ending.

But wait. What if you’ve already checked in at a BWW to watch the game, or placed an order via Blazin’ Rewards to enjoy during the basketball, and then an NCAA tournament matchup goes into overtime? Don’t you worry: six free boneless wings will be delivered to your Blazin’ Rewards account the next day.

The final game of March Madness is April 5th, so there are a few weeks of this wing promotion to look forward to. And clearly, you’re under no obligation to actually watch the basketball, but because you do need to take action within 30 minutes of the end of the game, you’ll want to set up some sort of news alert on your phone. Or, you could ask someone you know is watching the games to text you when a game goes into overtime (as long as they don’t mind).

So what are the chances of getting some free basketball wings? According to math provided in a statement from Buffalo Wild Wings: “there’s been an average of almost four OT games over the last 10 NCAA tournaments.”

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