27 Movies to Stream When You Need a Good Cry

The premise is a cognitive hurdle for many—a movie where Adam Sandler plays Charlie Fineman, a 9/11 widower?—but for those who can get past it, Reign Over Me is emotionally cathartic, and one of my favorite movies when I’m feeling particularly down. Aside from its stunning soundtrack and sweeping views of New York City, it’s a beautiful story of friendship where one person, Alan (Don Cheadle) seemingly has it all and is unhappy, and another, Charlie, has nothing and is also unhappy. Their unlikely friendship leads the two of them to find the greener grass on their respective sides, as the film balances charm, humor, and sadness as they help each other navigate love, loss, work, family, and friendship. —Jordan Calhoun, editor-in-chief

Where to stream: Fubo TV, Starz, DirecTV

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