Govt Pledges to Collaborate With CEOs Platform

THE government has pledged to collaborate with the CEO Roundtable of Tanzania (CEOrt) to speed up the implementation of technological advancements in the country such as strengthening the broadband connectivity to the people to promote the digital economy.

Addressing the CEOrt in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday, Minister for Communications and Information Technology Dr Faustine Ndugulile said the growth of ICT sector is critical for the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

“Connectivity is a right of everyone, thus we must not disrupt this sector through more private investment in training, education, equipment and capacity building,” He added that his ministry will lobby relentlessly to eliminate oppressive legislation, taxes and other regulations in the sector as well as reshuffling the ministry’s departments and its institutions to resemble the shared commitment.

On the other hand, Stanbic Bank Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the CEOrt, Mr Sanjay Rughani commended the government commitment to work with the forum to revolutionize the ICT sector in the country. Rughani sees the government’s five-year development plan as a bull’s eye to speed up the country in the industry.

“I believe in the government’s commitment to fasttrack the ICT sector in our country. We are certain that we are on the right track; that is why we have our ICT minister in this conference today to discuss how we can realize our common goal,” he said.

He added, “The internet has become a basic need for the growth of our economy. In the banking sector, we want to increase our reach from the ten per cent we are now covering.” The Telecom sector is ahead of us by 70 per cent.

“We can’t afford to be far from it and thus we must work hand in hand with the government, key stakeholders and the people to fully exploit this sector.” he said.

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