Text Messages Reportedly Show Someone Representing Deshaun Watson’s Sexual Assault Accusers Reached Out To Settle Lawsuits

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  • Deshaun Watson’s lawyer Rusty Hardin and accusers’ lawyer Tony Buzbee are pubicly arguing about which side has reached out to settle lawsuits
  • Buzbee doubles down and denies attempting to settle lawsuits in Instagram post
  • ESPN reports they have text messages showing someone in Buzbee’s law firm reached out to Watson’s legal team to talk about settling lawsuits.
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Apparently, someone representing Deshaun Watson’s sexual assault accusers has reached out to settle the 22 lawsuits against the Texans’ QB.

On Friday, Watson’s lawyer Rustin Hardin blasted the accusers’ lawyer Tony Buzbee in a statement claiming that Buzbee and his law firm had repeatedly tried to contact them to settle the case despite telling the media otherwise.

Buzbee responded in an Instagram post by saying he had never reached out to Hardin and that Watson’s legal team wanted him to sign an NDA to discuss settling the case.

ESPN went on to report that they have text messages and recordings showing that someone from Buzbee’s law firm had recently approached Watson’s legal team to discuss “working things out.”


The text messages and recording reviewed by ESPN show a member of Buzbee’s team approaching Watson’s legal team to discuss “working things out” between Watson and the women who have filed the lawsuits.

Buzbee told ESPN on Friday that he was “the only one at this firm who has the authority to discuss settlement.”

It seems like lawyers on both sides are content on bickering in public until the case either goes to court or gets settled.

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