Eric Adams is New York’s only leader serious about gun violence

Democratic mayoral nominee Eric Adams continues to expose the fecklessness of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio when it comes to surging crime, even if he is (mostly) polite about it.

Seeking to bask in Adams’ glow, the gov invited him to a press conference Wednesday where Cuomo “announced” his already-issued, meaningless initiatives on gun violence. Adams refrained from noting that Cuomo is late and lame on the issue but made his own real news that day by vowing to end City Hall’s surrender to crime and to push state lawmakers for fixes to their disastrous “reforms.”

The next day, Adams shifted from his past position by saying he’ll use federal stimulus money to hire more NYPD officers — something that de Blasio refuses to do.

Getting the “no bail” law and other recent reforms fixed is vital, as de Blasio’s own police commissioner, Dermot Shea, keeps saying.

It will take straight-talking leadership at City Hall to turn the tide. Adams says he won’t allow tweets, shouting and chanting by a tiny band of vocal radical protesters to dictate public policy — good.

He also needs to demand that the Legislature fix its mistakes, rather then pretending that Kabuki press conferences and social spending can work miracles while cops remain handcuffed and demoralized.

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