Deputy says she feels ‘unheard and very alone’ after judge removes Pct. 1 constable from sex scandal lawsuit

Felecia McKinney said she was set up to be sexually assaulted after Alan Rosen allegedly ordered her to go undercover to a massage parlor “with a known rapist.”

HOUSTON — A female deputy who sued Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen and two superiors said Friday she feels ‘re-victimized’ after a judge removed Rosen from the sex scandal lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, Felecia McKinney and three other female deputies say they were victimized during undercover “bachelor party-style prostitution stings” that became “a booze-fueled playground for sexual exploitation.”

At a news conference Friday, McKinney made her first public comments since the lawsuit was filed in May.

Deputy says she was set up for sexual assault

She said she felt “re-victimized” after Rosen’s legal team claimed victory earlier this week and said the case was politically motivated.

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McKinney claims it was Rosen who ordered a sting where she was set up to be sexually assaulted so they could arrest a suspect in another case.

“I was ordered to go undercover alone to a massage parlor with a known rapist,” McKinney said. “He [Rosen] knows what happened to me. He intended it, he ordered it and to hear him claim victory that he wouldn’t be held personally accountable for something he’s admitted to doing, I feel attacked, unheard and very alone.”

After she was assaulted, McKinney said she was told to drive herself to the hospital for a rape kit while Rosen held a news conference to announce the results of the sting.


‘This is not vindication’

According to attorney Cordt Akers, the judge’s ruling only means Rosen can’t be held personally financially responsible. 

McKinney said it was never about money for her. She just wants to expose the truth and her attorney promised to do just that.

“This is not a vindication. This is not an exoneration. He is not out of the woods,” Akers said, vowing to hold Rosen accountable by calling him as a witness against two of his high-ranking commanders.

Allegations of sexual abuse, harassment

The lawsuit will continue against Chris Gore and Shane Rigdon, who are accused of sexually assaulting female deputies during undercover stings.

“These brave women were ordered, ordered by their commanding officer, that your job in my unit, in an undercover capacity, is to dress in scandalous clothes to allow me to kiss you, to allow me to fondle you,” Attorney Brock Akers said in May. “Essentially to be molested.”

McKinney said the women were forced to do things that “were humiliating and awful” during the undercover stings by the Human Trafficking Unit.

Her legal team claims the FBI is also investigating the allegations.

Rosen’s response

Rosen refused to comment on the lawsuit when asked about it in a news conference on Thursday.

Back in May, he said an internal affairs investigation of the women’s allegations found no evidence of wrongdoing.

Constable Alan Rosen’s full statement:

“When we were made aware of a concern by a third party several months ago, I proactively instructed our Internal Affairs Division to conduct an investigation. We did this even though no one made a formal complaint. This is consistent with our ongoing commitment to protecting victims and our personnel. My sensitivity toward victims remains our highest priority. To this day, not one of these plaintiffs has ever made a formal complaint. Each employee interviewed was given the opportunity, in a safe environment, to express any concerns. Their own interview statements contradict many of the allegations in the lawsuit.

Upon conclusion of our internal investigation, our Administrative Disciplinary Committee found no violations of law or policy. When we began our proactive internal investigation, we immediately transferred leadership of the Human Trafficking Unit to another supervisor who still maintains oversight of that unit today.

VICTIM’S VOICES MATTER. I have a zero-tolerance stance against sexual assault and sexual harassment and would never allow a hostile work environment as alleged.

This lawsuit is an effort to impugn the good reputation of the hard-working men and women of the Precinct One Constable’s Office. I believe our system of due process works and that justice and truth will prevail as facts in this case come to light.

We will have no further comment today on this matter.”

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