Also.Also.Also: JoJo Siwa Did Britney Spears on DWTS Last Night, Which Is JoJo’s Gayest Thing Yet

I’m visiting family this week and about an hour ago I texted my cousins like “who wants to hang out” and now I have two of my favorite people in the world coming here any minute with French Fries and a bottle of wine and THAT is happiness.

Queer as in F*ck You

Time for your regularly scheduled JoJo Siwa on Dancing with the Stars content! This time dancing the tango to Britney Spears!

From Ro: “Ok I still don’t totally understand what an NFT is, but apparently Lindsay Lohan partnered with a group called Canine Cartel to create an NFT that’s an image of Lindsay Lohan as a furry.” Lindsay Lohan Has a Fursona NFT

Sports gays! Natalie always has you in her heart! Out in Sports Study: Out LGBTQ Athletes Report Deep, Widespread Acceptance From Teammates

Who is Beatrice Luigi Gomez, Miss Universe Philippines 2021? She’s the first openly-queer winner of the pageant.

My Queer Palestinian Identities Will Always Be Entangled. “It’s a truth my every self converges on: There is no future for queerness within colonialism.”

Nepal Will Include Third Gender in Census for First Time in History

^^ this three pieces is from them., so I’d also like to use this moment to congratulate Sarah Burke as them.’s new Editor-in-Chief

Saw This, Thought of You

The Most Damning Thing We’ve Learned About Instagram Yet

Inside the Secretly Vibrant Business of Porn MP3s

Selfies, Surgeries And Self-Loathing: Inside The Facetune Epidemic
And related to these three links, What Are the Odds We Are Living in a Computer Simulation?

This is a major news story from women’s soccer over the past few days and I believe Heather and Natalie are working on a dedicated piece about it, but in the meantime… ‘This Guy Has a Pattern’: Amid Institutional Failure, Former NSWL Players Accuse Prominent Coach of Sexual Coercion

Political Snacks

NONE TODAY! I am being happy!!!

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