Louis Vuitton Publishes 2021 City Guides and Fashion Eye Books

Louis Vuitton has released the latest installment of its City Guides and Fashion Eye titles for 2021.

The latest release includes revised and updated editions for 15 cities: ParisBeijing, Berlin, Cape Town, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Milan, New York, Prague, Rome, Shanghai, Sydney, Taipei and Tokyo, with all-new recomenndations for hotels, restaurants, shopping, culture, nightlife and more. Each title has a celebrity or local expert offer their own take on the city, written in a first-person narrative.

The editions, available in French and English, arrive in a lacquered wood box and are available in five colors: Sydney blue, Cape Town green, Rome yellow, Berlin orange and Taipei pink.

The luxury label will publish three new titles in its Fashion Eye series of photography, launching in November. The books feature imagery from three iconic photographers — American photographer Melvin Sokolsky from his two most iconic fashion series shot in Paris titled Bubble (1963) and Fly (1965); Chinese photographer Feng Li and his unconventional take on Paris; and Spanish photographer Robi Rodriguez and his unique perspective on London.

Each book is available in Louis Vuitton stores, on and in select bookstores and concept stores. Each City Guide retails for €30 EUR ($37 USD) and the Fashion Eye editions retail for €50 EUR ($58 USD). 

In other news, Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2021 capsule showcased a rainbow array of outerwear, cashmere sweaters and more.

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